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Not sure what painting will suit your house or yr office, do contact Mary 0169503168, we will advice right painting that suit you…… or visit us : PRO ART & FRAME, 2, Jalan 17/41, PJ.

GROUP 7 Art Exhibition – Zaharuddin Sarbini

Zaharuddin Sarbini, famous with fruit series… his paintings is available for sell in GROUP 7 art exhibition for 2 weeks duration , 7th Sept – 22nd Sept 2019 ( 11am -7pm ). Please call Mary 0169503168 for the details of the paintings … Special discount is awaiting for you!

Mother Love : Baby in the hat by Lau Wai Leng

Raw Hat is always an icon of Lau Wai Leng painting. After delivered the first baby, Wai Leng had done a series of paintings – Mother Love ( Baby in the hat ) – symbolised the baby in her body ….

This series of paintings is now ready for sell in our gallery. Visit us today, PRO ART & FRAME No 2, Jalan 17/41, Petaling Jaya. or Contact Mary 0169503168 for further details …

Market Ladies by Lau Wai Leng

Wai Leng started painting market lady series after her first visit to Kelantan. She was impressed by the big market at Kota Bharu, 90% of the workers there are woman. They reminded me of my mother, she is a strong, dedicated and gentle lady. Se are capable to do anything just like a man. So o started painting market lady series and emphasize their powerful hands. I usually capture 1 or 2 figures on my painting. but over here, i captured the view of the market with few ladies gathered and selling their goods.

Walk in to us today, PRO ART & FRAME, NO 2, Jalan 17/41, Petaling Jaya or Contact Mary 0169503168 for further details on the painting

Vibrant painting by Tang Hong Lee

Are you in love to very colorful , imagination theme of paintings? Vibrant Color, with rounded trees, and colorful sky is a trademark for Tang Hong Lee paintings. His painting is now available for sell in our gallery , Please walk in to us : 2, Jalan 17/41, PJ ( ) or call Mary 0169503168 for further details on the paintings.

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New Oil painting / Mix Media on Paper, by Loo Hooi Nam – SOLD

After the discussion in Sungai Petani last few days, here are some new paintings by Loo Hooi Nam just arrived in my gallery. Some of them is mix media on Paper, while some is oil on Canvas.

Please feel free to visit us : or contact Mary 0169503168 for further details on the paintings…

Artist Biodata :

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