Naive Art by Fauzul Yusri

Fauzul’s paintings features simple, unsophisticated compositions with basic shapes, colors, and perspectives. Its contains everyday life, rural scenes, landscapes, animals, and portraits, depicting them in a straight forward and unpretentious manner. He use bold colors, making the painting visually striking and expressive. Naive artists work intuitively and spontaneously, expressing their emotions and experiences .

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Paintings, especially older ones, are made of organic materials that can deteriorate with time, it may become brittle, crack, or flake off, leading to loss of the original image. Dust, dirt, and other pollutants can accumulate on the painting’s surface over the years, obscuring details and affecting the colors. Exposure to light and other environmental factors can cause colors to fade or change over time, altering the appearance of the artwork.


After Restoration / Cleanning, a painting should ideally be brought back to a condition where it is stable, aesthetically pleasing, and as close to its original appearance as possible. The specific outcomes of a painting restoration can vary depending on the condition of the artwork before restoration, the skill of the conservator, and the goals of the restoration process. After cleaning and repairs, the conservator apply a fresh layer of varnish to the painting. Varnishing enhance color saturation, protect the paint surface, and provide a uniform appearance.

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Gossip Series by Ronnie Mohammad

” Gossiping ” refers to the sharing of information or rumors about the personal lives, behaviors, or affairs of others. It often involves discussing or spreading details that may be considered scandalous, embarrassing, or intrusive.

This ” Gossip ” Series is painted with mix medium of acrylic and charcoal. Its well showcast the traditional ” Tudung ” texture and womans relaxing emotions.

Ronnie’s paintings is now available for sell in our gallery. Contact Mary 0169503168 for further details on the painting.

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Discovering mold or fungus on a Chinese painting can be concerning

Discovering mold or fungus on a Chinese painting can be concerning, as these organisms can cause significant damage if left untreated. Here are some steps you can take to address the issue :-

  1. Quarantine the painting: Remove the affected Chinese painting from other artworks to prevent the spread of mold or fungus spores.
  2. Assess the extent of the damage: Carefully examine the painting to determine the areas affected by mold or fungus. Take note of any discoloration, spots, or growth.
  3. Do not attempt self-cleaning: It’s crucial not to attempt cleaning the mold or fungus yourself, as improper cleaning methods or products can further damage the painting.
  4. Prevent future mold or fungus growth: To prevent future occurrences, ensure that the painting is stored in a controlled environment with stable temperature and humidity levels. Keep it away from areas prone to moisture, such as basements or bathrooms. Regularly monitor the condition of your collection and address any signs of excess humidity or water damage promptly.
  5. Consult an art conservation specialist: Reach out to a professional art conservator or a specialized art restoration service that has experience dealing with mold and fungus on paintings. They will be able to evaluate the artwork and provide guidance on the best course of action.

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SHIRLEEN LEE – BAckyard of the Farmer House

This painting was completed in 3 layers & been framed in red . This is the unique technique applied by Shirleen to shown the depth of the Farmer’s Backyard. The backyard designated for keeping livestock or poultry. This can include chicken coops, well, small corn field.

Shirleen paintings is now available for sell in our gallery. Contact Mary 01695503168 for painting details.

Conservation and Restoration of Traditional Chinese Artwork

Mold or fungus can develop on Chinese paintings due to several factors, including environmental conditions, improper storage, and exposure to moisture.

If your chinese paintings full with fungus / mold like this… call / contact us for the cleanning service….


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Forest Series – abstract forest using artistic elements and a predominant color palette of green. Aim to represent a forest in a realistic by focuses on conveying the essence / emotions associated with a forest setting.

Artist use various abstract techniques such as bold brushstrokes, vibrant color combinations, geometric shapes, unconventional perspectives to create an impressionistic or non-representational interpretation of a forest. The use of green hues symbolizes the lushness and vitality of nature, commonly associated with forests.

Lee’s paintings is now available for sell in our gallery. Walk in to see it yourself or contact Mary 0169503168 for more details.


Green apples painting capture the vibrant, rich green color of the apples, showcasing their texture and form. Artist employ various techniques, such as blending colors, creating shadows, and adding highlights to bring depth and dimension to the painting. The composition also involve the use of other objects or elements to add interest and balance to the overall image. Green apples painting can be a visually appealing and refreshing artwork that celebrates the beauty of nature and still life.

Lim Kim Hai paintings is now available for sell in our gallery, contact Mary 0169503168 for more details or walk in to our gallery to view it.

EMPEROR Series by Soon Lai Wai

Chirping Birds Singing for Beauty

Emperor Series is the newest series painted by famous lotus painter – SOON LAI WAI. This series is major painted in rich blue, green, beige / orange , furbished with gold leaf.

Blue: Serenity and Transcendence including calmness and introspection. Associations between the concepts such as tranquility, expansiveness, and the infinite.

Gold: Illumination and Enlightenment , wisdom, and divine energy. Cultural and historical contexts of gold as a representation of spiritual and material wealth. The integration of gold in the abstract lotus artwork, accentuating the transformative and enlightened aspects of the lotus symbol.

Green: Growth and Renewal such as harmony, balance, and vitality. Its Symbolic associations between green and the natural world, growth, and renewal. c. The incorporation of green in the abstract lotus artwork, symbolizing the lotus’ connection to nature and its capacity for rejuvenation.

Emperor series by Soon Lai Wai is now available for sell in our gallery . Walk it to see it yourself here : 27, Jalan 17/45, PJ. or Call Mary 0169503168 for further painting details.

Hanging System is available for sell

Why u need HANGING SYSTEM ???

  1. Displaying Artwork: If you have a collection of artwork, whether it’s paintings, prints, or photographs, an art hanging system provides a convenient and efficient way to showcase your pieces.
  2. Flexibility and Versatility: Art hanging systems typically consist of rails or tracks mounted on the walls or ceiling, along with adjustable hooks or wires. This setup offers flexibility in terms of positioning and arrangement of artwork. You can easily move or change the displayed pieces, experiment with different layouts, or even rotate artworks over time to keep your space fresh and visually interesting.
  3. Protection and Preservation: Art hanging systems often incorporate features that help protect artwork from damage. The use of adjustable hooks or wires ensures that the artworks are securely held in place & its reducing the risk of potential wall damage.
  4. Easy Maintenance: With an art hanging system, maintaining and cleaning your artwork becomes easier. You can quickly remove the pieces from the hooks or wires to dust or clean them.

WHY buying original paintings by local artist ???

There are several reasons why buying paintings by local artists can be beneficial:

1. Potential Investment: Buying artwork from local artists can be a good investment opportunity, especially if the artist gains recognition and their works appreciate in value over time. In addition to enjoying the beauty and meaning behind the artwork, you might benefit from its potential appreciation in the future.

2. Unique and Authentic: Local artists often create unique and original artwork that reflects the culture, history, or landscape of the region. By purchasing their paintings, you can own a one-of-a-kind piece of art that carries the essence and identity of the local community.

3. Support for Local Economy: Buying artwork from local artists directly supports the local economy. It enables artists to continue practicing their craft, earn a living, and contribute to the growth of the creative industry in the area. This helps foster a thriving artistic community and promotes economic sustainability.

4. Connection and Storytelling: Local artists are often deeply connected to the places they live and draw inspiration from their surroundings. Their paintings can serve as a visual storytelling medium, capturing the essence and emotions of a specific location or community. Owning one of their artworks allows you to create a personal connection and conversation piece that tells a unique story.

5. Contribution to Cultural Preservation: Many local artists are dedicated to preserving and showcasing the cultural traditions, heritage, and history of their region through their artwork. By purchasing their paintings, you support their efforts in safeguarding and promoting local cultural elements, keeping them alive for future generations.

Overall, buying paintings by local artists not only supports local talent and the economy but also allows you to own a piece of art that carries cultural significance, tells a story, and adds a touch of individuality for your space

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NIGHT SERIES by Maamor Jantan

” Kampung Series ” – NIGHT SERIES by Maamor Jantan depicting traditional villages by capture the charm, culture, and way of life in these rural settings.

A dark grey tone with yellow toning create a specific atmospheric effect in a painting. The combination of these colors evoke a sense of warmth, coziness, & slightly mysterious ambiance.

Many more of Maamor Jantan paintings available here in our gallery/ Walk in to see it yourself or whats app Mary 0169503168 for more details .

How fast can we complete a project ??

8th June ( Thurs) , customer found us on google, visit us , discuss on framing concept

9th June ( Fri ) , Quotation & invoice issue. Full payment received.

12th June ( Mon ) , high res file received. Proceed to printing

14th June ( Wed ), Printing completed.

16thJune ( Fri ), all frames ready. Customer came in for final view.

20th June ( Tue ), Delivery & Installation.

Summary : 6 working days completed a project , with printing + framing services. Contact Mary 0169503168 for further details on printing + framing services.

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