Why “ Apples ” by LIM KIM HAI ( Senior Artist famous with Apples )

In 1950s, the apples was not a commonly available fruit, unlike today when it is easily spotted in almost every fruit stall and supermarket. Even a small child knows that they come in hues of red and green.

To Lim, the apples he painted is imbued with life, human spirit, and a sense of purpose. Painting “ APPLES” is like exploring life; its many shapes, sizes & colours a symbolic narrative of life’s myriad circumstances & situations. Blood-red apples evokes violence, tender green variety that exudes the bashfulness of youth. Collectively, they mirror the universal human experience of confronting various challenges in the journey for survival in the real world.

Walk in to see his other paintings yourself here at PRO ART & FRAME in sek 17 PJ. We open Tue – Sunday, 10am – 7pm. Call / Whats app for details Mary 0169503168

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