LOTUS by Soon Lai Wai

LOTUS rising from the mud yet remaining unstained; bathed by pure currents and yet not seductive .

This is why Soon choose “ LOTUS ” as his iconic trademark of his painting . To Soon, Lotus representing elegance, beauty, perfection, purity, and grace.. In classical written and oral literature of Asian cultures , Lotus is the “gentleman among flowers.”  The term “gentleman” (junzi), of course, has since the time of Confucius been the ideal human being.

Soon’s painting, semi abstract of Lotus on canvas always come in form of oil on canvas, with very colourful interesting strokes. Sometimes, Soon has input others medium such as rose gold leaf to express the beauty / elegance of the “ Lotus ”.

Soon’s paintings is available for sell in our gallery now. Walk in to see it yourself here at PRO ART & FRAME, Sec 17, PJ ( Click here for direction ) or call us : Mary 0169503168 for further details on his paintings.

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