Rooster Bowls by Lim Kok Peng

The first rooster bowls originated from China. They were made by the Hakka community around the Guangdong Province over a hundred years ago. A black-tailed rooster with a red neck has been drawn on a white bowl. The drawings of a Rooster on the bowl represent the goodness in life.

Kok Peng’ s has well express this goodness in Life by painting “ Rooster Bowl ”, in most of his painting. Oil painting, with remarkable stroke, interesting colors with special numbers of bowls has been carring a good fortune in term of Chinese Feng Shui.

Various collections of his original artwork are available for your collection. Visit us to see more of his interesting paintings ! PRO ART & FRAME, we open every Tuesday to Sunday , 10am – 7pm. Or Call us 0169503168 for further details of his paintings.


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