Tarik Upih by Calvin Chua – SOLD

Have you ever play this game ?

Tarik Upih Pinang (palm frond sledding) is a traditional game played by children in several ASEAN countries. It is a simple but fun game where one or more players (depending on the size of the palm frond) sit on a palm frond and is pulled by another. The game is more fun and exhilarating if played as a race or competition.

Calvin Chua has converted this traditional game by Arcylic with freshy colors & interesting stroke that’s shown the nature happy of kids on linen size 76x165cm. Its available for your collection now. Walk in to view it yourself here : Tuesday – Sunday ( 10am – 7pm ) , right here at PRO ART & FRAME, or Contact Mary 0169503168 for further details of the painting.

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