Besides normal framing, we can frame medals tooo …..

1 ) Discussing with customer, suggest & advice on the medals position…

2 ) In the mid of size confirmation, final arrange for size proportion.

3 ) Completed !

If you have medals, and still headache of how to get it framed, visit us! or call Mary 0169503168 for further advice !

PS : Frame advice is FOC !

How framing is important for your decoration in the house? Lets see some of the design…..

Recently , we had completed a framing order for a sample house

Wanna know more details on the sample house / framing , please contact Mary 0169503168 … call now to enjoy free consultancy for framing and painting that suit your house

Fixing a big painting is not easy

Again, PRO ART & FRAME, we just completed a big painting job yesterday… with size 2Mx3M. When the frame finished size so big, cant load in the lift as well cant going up through staircase, hence, we did it on site….

Here are what we doing on site… Wanna to know what can do you with your big painting? or how can it be done in your office or house? here the solution for you! Call Mary 0169503168 if you would like to know more…

FRAMING SERVICES – Frequent questions …

CALL / Whats App MARY 0169503168 for further enquiry or walk in to us : PRO ART & FRAME, No 27, Jalan 17/45, PJ ( Next to Kanna Curry House Sek 17 PJ ) , Tuesday to Sunday ( 10am – 7pm )…

I have many pieces of framing , do u have delivery / install services ? Answer : Yes, we had cover truck for the delivery as well a professional team for installation.

Do u do glass casing ? Ans : Yes, we can custom size the glass casing, as well the holder for your display item

Can u custom size mirror for me ? Ans : Yes, We supply mirrors with frame or frameless, with bevel or non bevel , irregular shape as well bronze & other type of mirrors.

I wanted to frame a painting and later on wanna to ship it to oversea for my kid, can you help me ? Ans : Yes, after the framing is done, we can do ” oveasea packing ” for the framed items. Further more, we can arrange a courier service for you too. For oversea – We are using service from DHL, while Citylink is for domestic ..

Do you do printing services ? Ans : Yes, we offer canvas printing, synthetic printing& fine arts printing either in color or black & white. Printing service usually will take 3 -5 working days.

Can you frame something besides poster / canvas ? Ans : Yes, we can framed medals, can framed 3d items ( toys ), Jersey.

I would like to print a canvas image, but i dont have clear file, can you help me please ? Ans : Yes, we can arrange the graphic designer to create file for printing purpose.

Can u do ART RESTORATION ? Ans : Yes, we have professional to do the cleaning , touch up & vanishing.

How big can you frame ? Ans : We can frame really really big…….

Poster Frame

For those who wanna to frame a poster, but yet dont want to pay expensive framing … POSTER FRAME .. is the best framing option for your choice. We mount a poster on a board , with plastic cover. Its light, cheap but yet exclusive. and you had an option to put a stand, if you would like to display it on the table / shelf.

Wanna know more about this? Visit us today, PRO ART & FRAME , located 2, Jalan 17/41, PJ or contact Mary 0169503168 for further details .


Are you just moved to new house, and need mirror for your bedroom, dressing room, toilet ? or you wanna to replace the old mirrors you had in your house? PRO ART & FRAME, we had framing service for mirror as well, either is with frame or frameless… with flat edge , or with bevel… Wanna to know more about mirror framing, please contact Mary 0169503168 or walk in to us : PRO ART & FRAME, 27, Jalan 17/45, Petaling Jaya. ( Next to Kanna Curry House – Seksyen 17, PJ ).

Framing Services

You had many poster ? Normal framing is too expensive and out of your budget ? Or you wanted to frame your poster with most lighter framing option ? We had solution for you … POSTER FRAMING …

Poster Framing , we covert with plastik ( either clear plastik or non reflective ) for protection and easy cleaning purposes ..

How this is done ??? Call or whats app Mary 0169503168 for further details

Dont know what can you frame your Tangkar painting?

Recently, i have a few frequent questions from the customer who came in to frame their tangkar painting … HOW CAN I FRAME MY TANGKAR? what frame suit the painting ? Need border ? ect….

Here are few sample framing for tangkar… for your kind view… Need further advice on your others framing ? Feel free to drop a message to Mary 0169503168 for walk in to me : PRO ART & FRAME, 2, Jalan 17/41, Petaling Jaya. See you guys soon ya !!!

Frame with border concept
Frame with double glass and shadow box concept

Do u feel hassle to visit a framing shop?

Good framing is important for a painting, as its can enhance the beauty of the painting… same like a nice and suit costume is very important for a woman….

PRO ART & FRAME, we understand about your concerned. WE offer a mobile framing services… if you have painting, need advice, we can come to your house to advice you according…

Wanna to know more how this is work? Contact Mary 0169503168 for further details ya…

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