Lunch Break at the Warung By Stephanie Kuen

Born : 1967 Graduated : Malaysia Institute of Art Stephanie Kuen’s works is very colorful. She loves to paint ” Nyonya Baba ” series that carrying Malaysia culture & heritage. She using acrylic on canvas as medium to express the beauty of the heritage.

Stephanie Kuen’s work is very colourful where she is known to use the Nyonya theme in her images and objects. The self-taught figurative artist have used her techniques and unique styles where her paintings provide a warm reception for the viewer. Encircling around the themes and motifs of family life, society and such, Kuen’s work has been exhibited in galleries in Malaysia and Singapore.

Stephanie Kuen paintings in now available for sell in our gallery. Walk in to us : PRO ART & FRAME or contact Aimee 0165992122 for paintings details.

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