Bicycles by Chow Chin Chuan 

Chow Chin Chuan helped his father in the grocery store when he was young, always delivering goods by bicycle. One day, he started drawing bicycles and found a bunch of similar bicycles in Klang. Chow Chin Chuan has been painting bicycles for 30 years, especially the bicycles of fishing villages.

“Bicycles” can take us to see the world, see the great rivers and mountains, ride anywhere we want to go, challenge ourselves, surpass ourselves, and realize our dreams. From the opportunity of being in contact with nature during a trip, all unknown adventures are born. During this lonely process, you talk to yourself and get to know yourself better.

Chow Chin Chuan paintings in now available for sell in our gallery. Walk in to us : PRO ART & FRAME or contact Aimee 0165992122 for paintings details.

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