Kampung at Kuala Kangsar

Wong Kean Choon depicts beautiful landscapes and traditional buildings, capturing the peaceful atmosphere and sense of tranquility of the village. The transparency and delicacy of the watercolors demonstrate the artist’s great skill.
Malay houses are bamboo or wooden houses built on stilts (timber). The buildings are mostly lintel structures, the walls are made of wood or bamboo, and the thatched gable houses are designed to avoid dangerous wild animals such as snakes and tigers. This is to keep wildlife and floods out, deter thieves and increase ventilation. The main feature of a typical Malay kampong house is that it is built on stilts or piles.
A kampung refers to the place where you grew up or your ancestral home as a child, and it can also be a place where you feel a sense of belonging and security. Whether they are native-born people, everyone has nostalgia for their hometown. Relatives and childhood brought joy and enthusiasm to my youth. In addition to being inherently cute, kampongs also have an emotional connotation and become part of our lives.

Wong Kean Choon paintings in now available for sell in our gallery. Walk in to us : PRO ART & FRAME or contact Aimee 0165992122 for paintings details.

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