EMPEROR Series by Soon Lai Wai

Chirping Birds Singing for Beauty

Emperor Series is the newest series painted by famous lotus painter – SOON LAI WAI. This series is major painted in rich blue, green, beige / orange , furbished with gold leaf.

Blue: Serenity and Transcendence including calmness and introspection. Associations between the concepts such as tranquility, expansiveness, and the infinite.

Gold: Illumination and Enlightenment , wisdom, and divine energy. Cultural and historical contexts of gold as a representation of spiritual and material wealth. The integration of gold in the abstract lotus artwork, accentuating the transformative and enlightened aspects of the lotus symbol.

Green: Growth and Renewal such as harmony, balance, and vitality. Its Symbolic associations between green and the natural world, growth, and renewal. c. The incorporation of green in the abstract lotus artwork, symbolizing the lotus’ connection to nature and its capacity for rejuvenation.

Emperor series by Soon Lai Wai is now available for sell in our gallery . Walk it to see it yourself here : 27, Jalan 17/45, PJ. or Call Mary 0169503168 for further painting details.

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