Orchestra Series by Lim Ah Cheng

The Orchestra series is a collection of artworks created by Malaysian artist Lim Ah Cheng. The series depicts various musical instruments arranged together in a composition that resembles an orchestra. The artworks are painted in bright and bold colors with a strong emphasis on the tonalities and textures of the instruments.

Lim Ah Cheng’s signature style in the Orchestra series is a blend of realism and abstraction, where the instruments are recognizable, but also expressed in a unique and stylized way. The paintings have a sense of movement and energy, as if the instruments are about to start playing. The Orchestra series is admired for its beauty and technical skill, as well as for its unique take on the theme of music.

The artworks is now display in our gallery for sell. Call us Mary 0169503168 for further painting details or walk in to us here : PRO ART & FRAME

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