NYONYA Lady with NYONYA Kuih from Tan Gaik Hoon

Nyonya or Peranakan culture is a unique blend of Chinese & Malay traditions that has been passed down through generations in Southeast Asia. One of the most delicious aspects of this culture is its food, which include variety of sweet & savory dishes.

Tan Gaik Hoon

20×20 inch

Acrylic on Canvas


Nyonya Lady, nyonya kuih & nyonya costume form a vivid representation of Nyonya Culture, which has endured for centuries despite the changing tides of history.

Nyonya Costume is a beautiful sight to behold, colorful and intricate , featuring embroidery , beadwork, and unique patterns that reflect the fusion of Chinese & Malay Cultures.

Nyonya Kuih is a type of traditional Malaysian dessert made from glutinous rice flour, coconut milk & palm sugar.

Gaik Hoon is now available for sell in out gallery. Come in to view it yourself or contact for more info at Mary 0169503168.

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