Porcelain Series by Ng Foo Cheong

Do u looking for some original artworks by local artist? that not so big, not so expensive but yet looking exclusive to be a gift for someone ? or to decorate your beautiful living hall or kitchen? Pro Art, we have solution for you !!!

Porcelain series by Ng Foo Cheong !!! Walk in to us 2, Jalan 17/41, Petaling Jaya, Selangor ! https://goo.gl/maps/rQ23o5h7hfSRX1y46 , or contact Mary 0169503168 ya !!!

One thought on “Porcelain Series by Ng Foo Cheong”

  1. dear team. my name is Agnes. I’m from France. i see this post is quite old from last year but i was wondering if you are still selling these artworks from Ng Foo Cheong please? and how much would be each of them please ? really appreciate your kind answer. all the best and stay safe. Agnes

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