Born 1965 , Kedah 
Self-taught full time artist
*Since 1994 participating more than one hundred In Group exhibitions in Singapore,China, Myanmar ,Indonesia ,Thailand,Korea,Japan,Taiwan,Russia Hong Kong, Philippines and besides locals programs.

*1st International Art Expo Malaysia 2007
*Welcome to ZhuZho China Art Exhibition 2007
*2nd International Art Expo Malaysia 2008
*”Stretch Your Imagination”By Malaysia & Singapore Artists Exhibition 2009
*”The 7th World Water colour Exhibition 2009 of The International Water colour League”Taiwan
*Japan “Asian art now 09”Exhibition
*2013 Style of South East Asia Exhibition Malaysia China
*2015 Women International Artist.Pulau Pinang
*2015 Women International Artist, Thailand.
*2016 One World,One Family  International invitational Art Exhibition,Taiwan
*2018 “Blossoms “Li Chi Mao Art Museum,KL
*‪2009-2019 Korea Incheon‬ Global Cities Art Exchange Exhibition 
*2018 “Journey in Art 28” North Kedah Art society 
*2019 “Camaraderie in the Land of Hornbills”an Exhibition by Artists from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand 
*2019 International Women Artist Federation ‘Motherhood-Hope of the World’Russian 
*2019 Twosome Delight of Loo Hooi Nam & Ung Mooi Leng art Exhibition 
*2021 World Nature Conservation Day Philippines – Malaysia join Art Exhibition 
*’Her Power 2021’ Love Female Contemporary Art Exhibition- Hong Kong
 *”The 14th Exhibition of International Visual Artists Association” Thailand
*” The 15th Art Exhibition of International Visual Artists Association” Thailand 2022

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