Art Class : Acrylic on Canvas

Alots of people is hungry to learn how to paint… But yet, they cant find a good teacher. PRO ART & FRAME, we understand your needs ! Hence, we organize an art class in our Home based art gallery located at 2, Jalan 17/41, Petaling Jaya ( Opposite Sin Chew Jit Poh along Jalan University. )

So, What are you waiting for ? the class will be from 3 – 5pm on Sat 3/8/19! Contact Mary 0169503168 TODAY , for further details …

Owl series by Upcoming artist : Ken Ang

Ken, an artist that painted owl as trademark of his painting . Why painted OWL ? Ken said, i loves to creates artwork at night, i had good inspiration when the night come, same goes to Owl, that very active at night….

Ken’s painting is now available for sell in our home based art gallery. Visit us today, 2, Jalan 17/41, PJ ( please call for appointment ) or contact Mary 0169503168 for further details.

1st Art class in PRO ART today, with Art teacher : Razif Mohammad

For those who are very new in painting? Keen but dont know how to start? We had a SOLUTION for u…

Art teacher, Razif Mohammad, had experience in teaching art for more than 6 years. He conducted 1 to 1 session or a group art class that come to max of 5 student in a class.

Wanna to know more about art class… CALL MARY 0169503168 TODAY and sign up for your art class !!!

Lotus Series by Soon Lai Wai

Lotus is always a trademark of Soon Lai Wai paintings. Lotus is a flower when its roots are in the dirtiest waters, but yet produces the most beautiful flower. Its same like human, thats you need to work hard to get success in your life…

Soon’s paintings is now available for sell in PRO ART & FRAME, located 2, Jalan 17/41, PJ or contact 0169503168 for further details .

Bicyle Man : Chow Chin Chuan

” Bicycle ” is always a trademark of Chow Chin Chuan painting, accomplished with ” nyonya baba ” tiles, has perfectly reflect Malaysia heritage. His paintings is now available for sell in our gallery, Visit us today , PRO ART & FRAME, 2 , Jalan 17/41, Petaling Jaya. or Contact Mary 0169503168 for further details on his paintings…

Poster Frame

For those who wanna to frame a poster, but yet dont want to pay expensive framing … POSTER FRAME .. is the best framing option for your choice. We mount a poster on a board , with plastic cover. Its light, cheap but yet exclusive. and you had an option to put a stand, if you would like to display it on the table / shelf.

Wanna know more about this? Visit us today, PRO ART & FRAME , located 2, Jalan 17/41, PJ or contact Mary 0169503168 for further details .


Are you just moved to new house, and need mirror for your bedroom, dressing room, toilet ? or you wanna to replace the old mirrors you had in your house? PRO ART & FRAME, we had framing service for mirror as well, either is with frame or frameless… with flat edge , or with bevel… Wanna to know more about mirror framing, please contact Mary 0169503168 or walk in to us : PRO ART & FRAME, 27, Jalan 17/45, Petaling Jaya. ( Next to Kanna Curry House – Seksyen 17, PJ ).

Water Color from Brian Tai

Landscaping, water color on paper, is a trademark by Young upcoming artist, Brian Tai. He loves to paint, famous landscape either in Malaysia or oversea. His paintings is now available for sell in PRO ART & FRAME , a home based art gallery located in 2, Jalan 17/41, Petaling Jaya. Contact Mary 0169503168 to enjoy special discount ….

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