Born 1961, Kuala Lumpur.

Lee’s father loved Chinese music. The Ruanxian (moon guitar) and flute were his favorite Chinese Instruments. His sister also studied in fine art. Under the influence of his father and sister, Lee too started loving art since his young days. With his sister’s encouragement, he enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts in Kuala Lumpur after graduating from school

Lee loved the beauty of nature and its mystery, hence one of his favorite activities is hiking. He Inspired every time he went for hiking. He noted nature being destroyed is one of the causes of global warming. He hopes that through his painting , more people can see the beauty of nature and realize the importance of protecting it.

· 1980 – Graduated from the Kuala Lumpur College of Art (Fine Art).

· 1982-2016 – participated in several group exhibitions of his works, including alumni exhibition, exhibition of nine man show, four man show and so on.

· 2018 –First solo exhibition

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