Lim Ah Cheng

Born : 1968
1988-91 Diploma in Malaysia Institute of Art, Kuala Lumpur
1990-91 Tatsun Studio in Illustration. Certification in Com. Malaysia
1995-99 Under Tutelage Of Mr Chong Chen Chuan, Chairman of Calligraphy
Solo Exhibition
2002 “Challenging Horses 1996-2002”, Elle Six art Gallery. Malaysia
2004 “Melody in Harmony “, Dynasties Antique & Art Gallery. Singapore
2005 “enigma of movements” -05”,XOAS, Art Salon KL
2006 “flying with the wind”-Art Seni , kuala Lumpur
2008 “the passage” A2 art gallery, penang, north Malaysia
2008 “the passage”Momentous Art Gallery.Singapore
2009 “Metamorphosis” Art Accent,Malaysia
2014 accent.malaysia
2015 Gehrig art gallery,Penang,Malaysia
2018 “ EnCore” Pinkguy Master Gallery Search for a block

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